K-Devices Modulators 21 for Ableton Live ALP

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File Name:K-Devices Modulators 21 for Ableton Live ALP
Content Source:https://k-devices.com/products/modulators21/
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Updated and Published:DECEMBER 10, 2021

K-Devices Modulators 21 for Ableton Live ALP — Free download

▬ KNOR – Gestures sequencer
▬ LFOH! – Advanced LFO
▬ LFOO – Complex LFO
▬ Sources – 3 signals to 1 target
▬ Targets -1 signal to 6 targets
▬ Voltage – Modulation to CV
▬ MIDI – Modulation to MIDI

Knor – Gestures Sequencer
A spin of modulation! Create and playback free hand gestures, recall them manually or via a probability-based sequencer for unpredictable modulation joy. An immediate and playful tool, amazing for improvisation, in performance and in the studio. Addictive if paired with a MIDI controller!

LFOH! – Advanced LFO
A tool you already know, with the most advanced features. Morph, swing, squeeze, and more: twist your modulation waveform as never before! Simple and powerful.

LFOO – Complex LFO
Complexity, through control. Two highly shapable LFOOs, combined via math operators to generate a third waveform. Modulate up to 3 targets, with 3 networked sources. Full control, gorgeous visual feedback.

Sources + Targets – Modulation Routing!
Create a complex modulation signal by combining up to 3 modulation sources.
Take one signal to modulate multiple targets. Create complex networks of relative/synced modulations in a breeze.

Voltage + MIDI – Modulation to CV and MIDI
Easy and flexible, Voltage and MIDI are your smartest way to route any modulation signal thru the external world as CV, Gate,Trig, or MIDI messages.
With 3 color schemes, Voltage and MIDI offer quick visual feedback for your patching cables or gears.

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